Notarising Service

Cook, Stevenson & Co, offers a Notarising Service in that we will assist you with any documents which require to be signed before a Notary Public. These can include Affidavits and Statutory Declarations. However, unlike most other Solicitors rather than charging a fee for this service, as an alternative, we ask that you make a donation to charity. In most cases, we will ask for a minimum donation of £20.00. A standard fee for notarising/certifying a document would start from £40.00  plus VAT.

If you have a large number of papers to be notarised then we would ask that your donation reflect the additional time and work being done on your behalf.

Over the years we have made numerous donations to charity and have been able to make sizeable donations to SCIAF on an annual basis. In the past we have been able to purchase real gifts from SCIAF such as water for a village, the cost of rebuilding a school and a home for a family.

In addition, we have made donations to local charities such as the local foodbank and  Ardgowan Hospice.

We can also assist with Passport and Driving Licence applications although please note we can only offer this service for clients, former clients of the Firm or if you have been known to us for a minimum of three years as is required by the relevant Authorities. We also ask that clients make a charitable donation for this service.

If you would like more information about our Notarising Service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Although, we are sometimes able to assist with offering a Notarising Service to those who simply call into the office, it is always better to call ahead and please remember that we do require that you bring proof of identification with you, preferably in the form of photographic ID and evidence of your address when you attend at our office.

You can find out more about SCIAF by visiting their website.