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Civil Legal Aid

Civil Legal Aid

We have had a number of enquiries re the availability of civil legal aid for family cases – such as divorce/dissolution and residence and contact cases. The recent changes mentioned in the media apply to England where legal aid matters are determined by Westminster and there is a separate legal aid board. Civil legal aid remains available for family actions in Scotland. There are thorough tests which are applied however in assessing a clients eligibility for legal aid – both in respect of the financial and merits tests. We will advise you fully throughout the case.

As the media reporting has not made it clear that the changes do not apply to Scotland many clients have been anxious re their actions or prospective actions. We can give advice re availability for legal aid in your case and further information can be found on our website, by emailing us or on the Scotttish Legal Aid Boards website :-

You can also email us details of your financial circumstances and we can advise whether you are eligible for legal aid before you meet with us. Please remember that all applications for legal aid require full disclosure of your financial circumstances and that we need to see evidence of all income and capital held by you.

You should be aware that many clients are eligible for legal aid but require to pay a contribution towards their fees. These contributions can be a few thousand pounds to be paid over a number of years.

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